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img_0399When you give your loved one a monument you are offering them an eternal place to rest. This location will also exist as a visiting point for you to release all your thoughts and emotions. When you create a monument for your loved one there will be limitless attributes that you can alter to perfection. One of the most artistic methods for displaying text on a monument is lettering. This is the actual process of displaying text across any language. We can show you the hundreds of different fonts and lettering styles available across languages such as Spanish Korean, French, German, Russian, polish, Hebrew, and Japanese. Ward Monument is also open to displaying symbols that are important to you or your loved one. These symbols can be cultural, spiritual, occupational, militaristic, or just personal.

One of the most heavily sought after monuments today is the family plot arrangement. In this system the entire family reserves and fills up a plot so that they may remain together after life. When it comes to a proud individual or someone who was very ambitious we often suggest monoliths. These monuments are very tall and are made of solid rock. These are not to be confused with obelisks which typically are paired with sculptures, or cremation urns. If you are in need of guidance regarding a monument for your friend or family member call Ward Monument today.

Memorials In Hackettstown, NJ

Memorials have two purposes; the first is to commemorate the life of the loved one lost, the second is to create a final resting place where friends and family may seek reflection and progress.  In the midst of handling your loss, setting up funeral arrangements, and taking care of yourself there is likely more than enough stress to go around. That’s why Ward Monument is here to assist you with any of your concerns.

Between slant markers, flat headstones, obelisks, bench memorials, sculptures, cremation urns, civic memorials, bronze memorials, and granite memorials there are many different types of ideas possible. In most cases our client’s choose to add text to their memorials including bible verses, symbols, pictures, borders, and patterns. Granite tends to be the main foundation of every memorial. We choose granite because it is strong and can withstand the constant bombardment of varying weather conditions in New Jersey. Occasionally bronze will be used for its highlights and beautiful appearance. Each of these bases can be used in different colors. Our memorials can also be built to house cremation urns and are maintained with little effort. Any questions regarding our memorials can asked directly at Ward Monument call us today.

Bronze Plaques In Hackettstown, NJ

scan16When going over all of the choices for a monument there is often one choice left unnoticed. This is the implementation of a Bronze Plaque.  Unlike a mausoleum or memorial these monuments are much more modest. The plaque is placed very close to the ground and is sometimes attached to a marker such as a slant for added visibility. The reason that many adore this monument is because of its design.

The base for the plaque is bronze which is considered very sturdy. Although bronze isn’t as accessible in different colors as other bases it can still be found varying shades. Our plaques can be created to any size or shape you have in mind. For added appearance we can etch a border or pattern into the design.

scan27There are different markers associated with bronze plaques such as ledgers, flush, bevel, slant, and uprights. Flush markers tend to be less costly and can be outfitted with granite.  Ledger markers are typically larger and exist as the foundation for the plaque. Bevel markers are created at different angles which gives a stunning view to your plaque. Upright markers are the largest in height and point proudly into the sky.

Through the use of all the different markers there is a plaque for everyone. If you are intrigued by the idea of a bronze plaque as a modest monument for your loved one call Ward Monument today.

Mausoleums In Hackettstown, NJ

In the past mausoleums were built as a final resting place for people of royal nature. Today mausoleums have become an increasingly common method of paying respect. The average mausoleum houses 12 internments but it isn’t uncommon to hold up to double that size. A mausoleum is a burial site that can exist above or in ground though the former is more common. Due to the rather large size of a mausoleum there is a great deal of creativity involved with crafting it. These are just a few of the attributes we can customize into your mausoleum.

Sand Blasting

Through the art of sand blasting we can use granite to implement any image you want onto the walls of the mausoleum. This technique creates a textured image that stands out and reflects light beautifully.


The most popular sculpture for mausoleums is an angel statue. This is because angels have values of high regard such as morality. That being said Ward Monument Co is highly skilled in the sculpting field and can accommodate your ideas.


Bronze Plaques are simply put graceful. These modest additions are sometimes used alone to pay tribute to those lost. However, plaques inside or outside a mausoleum are not uncommon. The bronze base features a glossy finish that can’t be rivaled elsewhere. They are usually small in size and rectangular shaped with text or pictures inscribed.

Mausoleums are a truly wonderful way to show your respects. If you have any questions regarding this choice call Ward Monument Co today.

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