Custom Grave Markers in Warren County, NJ & Northern New Jersey

Most people know headstone markers as gravesite symbols and not for other purposes. However, you can commemorate any event using them. In the recent past, awards come in this form, too. While governments can celebrate significant historical events such as war, notable people, and such things, the rest of the public can honor heads of churches, community leaders, church events, historical buildings, and significant people.

People are tracing their ancestry with the hope of honoring their great grandparents, too. If a local boy or girl achieves a significant milestone such as compete for the Olympics and such feats, you can honor them by placing a marker for other boys and girls to be inspired.

You can also choose to erect a mark along the road to invite people to participate in local heritage. In short, markers are now a widespread phenomenon in New Jersey. They can mount them on buildings or let them stand freely. Some of them lay flat on the ground. At T.Y. Ward Monument Co, you can get any gravestone markers of choice.

Grave Markers

Marking a grave for a loved one or significant other can provide a person with a sense of honor and pride. Even if it is not a fresh grave, you can still redo an old one to give the dead a perfect send-off. If you are about to lay your beloved member of the family, community, or church, you can order a professionally done grave marker.

You can always choose what accompanying art you want on the product. You can choose the size, color and even material you want.

Headstone Markers

They no longer just symbolize religious affiliation. In the past, they were common during Christian and Jewish burials. Muslims also use them. Steles give your burial site some character. It also shows the stature of the person resting there.

Traditionally, they are white. However, you can dream, and we will deliver exactly what you want. Today, adding a portrait alongside the engraving is not a complicated thing. It is something we do for our clients. You don’t have to pick marble, limestone, granite, or sandstone; we dare you to dream about how you want the departed to feel.

Monument Markers in Warren County, NJ

If you are looking for something bolder than a steel, you can try monuments from T.Y. Ward Monument Co instead. The statement will be louder. It will help you identify the tomb when you are 100 yards away. Even in places where people have given their loved ones a perfect send off by erecting memorable plaques, a monument will still stand out in the crowd.

As usual, you can customize your product to add photos, epitaphs, emblems, and impressions. You can add any thematic context that you would like. It can be religious, customary, or anything else you have in mind.

It doesn’t have to be upright. It can be slant or mausoleum in stature. People are quite creative with this gift. Benches, crosses, and many other types are now available for any discerning customer. We offer this and other designs you may have in mind.

Styles & Shapes of Custom Markers in Warren County, NJ

We provide unique styles, colors, shapes, and materials for you to choose from. Granite is by far the most popular choice. However, bronze, concrete, sandstone, limestone, marble, and other materials are available in our company. We blend some of the materials to give you the desired memorial marker.

Bevel Markers

Its simplistic design makes it all appealing to those who want that desired effect. They feature a polished face and a slightly slanted top. The backside is raised a bit with rough edges donning the design. For personalized attention, you can choose the color, theme, engraving, and portrayal of choice. The size and shape are also your choice. We do have samples though you can browse around to get an idea.

Flush markers

As the name suggests, they are almost on the same level as the ground. Typically, they are not meant to be conspicuous. They are suited for people who want the quietness and privacy of their resting place. They also go well for people who wish to commemorate pets. Naturalists also love them.

Slant Markers

It is an upright or erect commemoration marker. The most characteristic feature for slant memorial markers is pitched edges and slant faces. Some have one-sided face while others have two or more sides. It is perfect for a person who wants to keep the costs modest while conveying the message unmodified. They are quite popular because they give your loved one the desired tribute.

Upright Markers

The designs vary from one person to another. You can order freestanding designs or make it more elaborate than that. You can order from T.Y. Ward Monument Co sculptures and carvings to go with the design. You can order traditional, stately, and classical tributes that have stood out the test of time. You can even make multiple erections to add as much information as possible.

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