Types & Styles of Monuments, Headstones & Gravestones We Carry in Warren County, NJ as Well as Northern New Jersey

T.Y. Ward Monument Co is the company to call if you need a specially designed statue that will uniquely commemorate your loved ones. You can have an upright, single, double, or family stone and many others. You can choose the size, shape, and style of structure you want if you live in Warren County, NJ.

Upright Monuments Styles

Are you looking to install a monument that stands out in the cemetery? Then you should get an upright plaque structure, which features a large front face. This makes it easy to read even from a distance and cleaning it is quite simple. This structure is beautiful, and it has a stylish appearance.

Single Stone Monuments

We design custom cenotaphs for single plots in varying sizes, shapes and styles. A single stone plaque is quite simple because it features the names and dates on the front face.

Double Stone Monuments

This item is also referred to as a companion commemoration structure, and it is specially designed for couples or life partners who wish to be buried together. You can have the family name scripted on the front face. Like the other commemoration structure types, you get to choose the color, shape, and size you desire.

Family Stone Monuments

Family members who happen to have their burial plots adjacent to one another choose family stone cenotaphs. This is a focal point for the family members. Most individuals prefer to have the family name displayed on the front face while small markers are installed on individual plots.

Fully Custom Tribute Types Created for You by Ward Monuments Co in Northern, NJ

At our company, we take your desire to commemorate your loved one very seriously. This is why our professionals will design custom memorials like:

  • Angel Shaped Monuments
  • Bench Style Monuments
  • Cross Monuments
  • Star of David Monuments
  • Multi Faith Monuments

Slant or Bevel Style Monuments & Markers

We also make bevel types of cenotaphs, which feature an almost upright style but have to be slanted for ease of reading. These cenotaphs are also easier to maintain, as they do not slope with the ground.

Flat Headstones, Grass Markers or Footstones

For those of you who are looking for something simple, then a flat, grass symbol or footstone should be ideal. The only problem is cleaning since the soil tends to get all over due to the flatness. Otherwise, they will clearly show the name and date. However, spotting this structure in the cemetery can be challenging. They are still quite popular in modern culture, though.

Cremation Memorials, Markers for Headstones

We can make special cremation cenotaphs, which are usually designed like upright head-stones or markers. In this case, a granite hollow is made forming a container for the housing of the cremated remains. They are separated from the head-stone for easy access.

Bronze Monuments or Markers

We recognize your desire for a durable remembrance structure to form a beautiful memory of your family, friend, or pet. This is why we use cast bronze to construct a special marker or other structure that will stay in great condition for the longest period possible. This type of commemoration structure is easy to care for, and its quality is extraordinarily high.

Granite Monuments or Markers

Just like bronze, granite is a durable material that will keep your burial plot looking good year after year. The maintenance needed for this type of structure is minimal, and it will withstand the most severe weather conditions. These qualities make it ideal for this task.

Bevel Markers

Bevel markers are usually designed as flat tombstones, which make them quite simple in style and economical. Its construction allows it to lay flat on the ground. The edges are rock pitched while the top features a polished face. Therefore, it looks beautiful as a memory of your loved one. The face slants while the back edges come a bit raised for ease of reading.

Ledge Markers

Our team is at your disposal if you are looking to get a ledge remembrance structure to commemorate your family, friends or pet. A ledge gravestone is a thick slab made of stone, and it covers the whole grave.

You can have the tombstone engraved, which will allow you can use it as a headstone. You can choose a personalized design or go through the images in our gallery to have an idea of what you can install on the grave.

Obelisk Monuments

An obelisk gravestone is designed based on Ancient Greek culture, so it appears like a great piece of art. It stands tall with four sides, and the tapering is narrow. This makes it look like a pyramid in shape and hence unique. It is ideal for anyone looking for a cenotaph that stands out in the cemetery. You can choose the color, shape, and size that will match the finish you desire.

Rock Monuments

If granite and bronze are not the materials of your preference, you can have a rock formation structure designed. You can have sandstone or limestone used to create a long-living memory of your loved one.

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